Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Myth of Unaffiliated Voters in Asheville

When I received my morning paper, I read with glee the failure of the Let Asheville Vote petition.
I giggled my was through the story, and have enjoyed reading the comments from the losers on the Asheville Citizen-Times Message Board.

I must have signed that stupid petition 50 to 60 times under fake names and addresses, and there were three of my friends who said they did the same. We figure we must have added at least a hundred names to their insipid list of crybabies.

This one lady let me sign her petition at least a dozen times because she didn't recognize me! I so hope that it failsby less than 50, then I'll be assured that I single-handedly brought down the whole effort!

THere are other people on teh interwebs in Asheville talking about this glorious failure, even Screwie Hoolie, who can't decide who to root for, when he should realize that the partisan elections will lock in the Progressive Take Over of Asheville. Then we can get to work on Buncombe County, and all of the 11th district. We will never have to suffer through another Charles Taylor again.

One of the big supporters of the petition was a guy named Tim Peck, and here is where he bragged about having enough signatures to put it over the top.

But the one I really want to hear is Matt Mittan, self-proclaimed unaffiliated, but really a libertariat in disguise. I may even call in to his show and gloat on Monday if I can sneak away from my work station for a few minutes. Looks like the Fab Four have defeated Dr. Doomittan, with a little help from the Green Wizard and and his Green Elves! I'll design a Trading Card and put it up later in the week to celebrate the victory over Dr Doomittan.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Democracy Now Headlines

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Things are coming to a head!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Really Back

Some Bloggers keep saying that this will be their last goodbye...I keep saying that I am back, then disappear.
This whole thing about signing a stupid petition in Asheville has me pissed off but good.
Especially that Matt Mittan on WWNC Hate Radio.

That man is trying to incite people to violence, because when they lose, they'll have no where to focus their anger, and the whole thing has been orchestrated by the Repugnant Party.

I think the best summation of the whole thing can be found here.

Besides, all the rules have been followed according to North Carolina Statute. There was no referendum in 1994, and there need be none now.