Friday, January 26, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I was torn between putting Al Gore as my first post, or Rachel Carson. I chose Rachel because she was the one who sounded the alarm first. We listened.

Then, we forgot.

Al reminded us. Let's not forget again.

Buy the movie.

Learn about Al.

The Green Wizard

This is the 100th anniversary of Rachel Carson's birth year.

This is also the first post of The Green Wizard in an effort to continue and move her legacy forward. I am new at this, so forgive my many mistakes in advance, for I am still learning the computer.

The purpose of this blog is to move the people of my beloved mountains to action.

I see many new homes being built on the steep mountain sides, and weep at the scars we are digging into our mother earth. I will be focusing on this terrible aspect of our inhumanity as my banner to battle, and posting many photographs of the worst offenders, and will welcome submissions from you to help me.

My email address is and please include these details in an email accompaning your photos:

1. Name of Town and State

2. Name of Subdivision or nearest state road.

3. Your name, which can be reported as a little green elf if you wish to remain anonymous. I will never reveal your email address on this blog, nor anywhere else.

4. A brief summary of the situation in the area surrounding the home, and whether or not you believe it to be a primary residence, or a vacation or rental.

Together we can save the earth!